About the Owners

Adventurers and Proprietors Steve and Kerry Sutorius

About Steve

Before becoming the owner of Wildernest, I had been working as a trip leader and guide in the adolescent drug and alcohol treatment field for ten years and was ready for a change. Having spent several Midwest winters working at a ski shop in college and later at a shop in Montana, I had developed an attachment to retail...or, more directly, I LOVE GEAR! So, getting involved with the Wildernest was pretty much my dream.

What I love most about retail is helping people get set up with everything they need for a trip, from fitting backpacks and boots to comparing weights of their 20-year-old stove to the latest and greatest model. What people love most about me is my charm, my winning smile and my amazing sense of humor – oh, and the                                                                      fact that I'm humble too! (Kerry wrote this last sentence)

About Kerry

You may not often see me, but believe me, I'm here! I'm the one they keep down in the basement, dealing with all the technicalities that make it possible for us to provide the awesome clothing and gear you see at the Wildernest! I like to say that Steve is the "Wilder" and I'm the "nest" - and that Steve is the owner and the "face" of our business, and I'm the boss - ha!

The majority of my time in the back country and all of my retail career has been spent right next to Steve. Literally. We met working at the Wilderness Treatment Center in Montana in 1997 and spent hundreds of days leading treks together in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area, Yellowstone and up around the Continental Divide. And although working together so closely comes with its share of challenges, we really do enjoy it - and I can't imagine not doing it. We are partners in the true sense and I love being my husband's right-hand gal, his master organizer and his biggest fan! Managing Wildernest not only gives me a chance to help create a fun and functional environment and experience for our employees and customers, but it also gives me the flexibility to do other things I love, like goofing off and taking trips with Steve to cool places, being involved with our church, working out, hanging at the climbing gym and spending time with friends. 

We are blessed beyond words in every sense, especially in regards to the employees on our team and the customers who make this all possible - and we thank God every day for the opportunities He gives us to steward His gifts well!